Friday, October 3, 2008

An Antropological introduction to YouTube

Everyone knows what YouTube is. I for one, spend a lot of time of it, searching for random videos. They do have a lot of videos on every imaginable subject. YouTube is a new medium that is easy to access, that almost everyone can use. Before I found this video (on YouTube!) I didn't really think of what a unique medium it is. YouTube allows everyone to be connected, it allows responses to the views of other people, and it reaches more people in more places than any medium. So here is a link to a video from YouTube called "An Anthropological introduction to YouTube"

(I can't figure out how to attach the actual video.) This was presented at the Library of Congress June 23, 2008. So check it out! See what you think. It's pretty long (about 55 minutes) but it's given me at least something to think about when it comes to the overlooked amazingness of YouTube.

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